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We are a community asset to be proud of. We want you to feel proud and connected with our work and our mission. We want to you to know that your support matters!!

The needs of our community are growing. Raising children in our complex world can be challenging and many times overwhelming. We work with over 3,100 children and youth annually, encouraging and reinforcing family strengths, respecting family values, and supporting positive outcomes for each child’s well-being, growth and development.

BUT we have waitlists! There are many more children and youth that can benefit from our services. Their families need our community’s support… which will give families hope! They will feel like they belong! Our community will be stronger!

Together we will be "Helping Kids

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The Fraser Valley's own
LADIES ONLY GOLF CLASSIC  - supporting the children, youth and families served by FVCDC.


July 10, 2019



* There are 16,000 children under the age of 5 years, living in the Fraser Valley. FVCDC serves 10% of these children.

* 27% of children in the Fraser Valley are vulnerable in an area of development when they start school

* Learning is at its best in nurturing environments with strong relationships.

* 12.7% of children under 6 years of age in the Fraser Valley live in low income families.

* Trends for referrals for FVCDC services are growing in the areas of children needing social emotional supports.


"Staff give over $100,000"

Over 105 staff work with the Fraser Valley Child Development Centre. Now in its 9th year, the Family Giving Campaign, allows staff to make to a re-investment into the centre through payroll donations.

We truly believe in what we do!



Contact: Fraser Valley Child Development Centre     604.852.2686

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